Back from Brighton

Last weekend I went to Brighton with Sarah and Scarlett.


I kind of have a love/hate relationship with Brighton. I love the general buzz of the place. There’s always something going on. I love wandering around the North Laine. However, Sarah and Scarlett are shoppers and browsers. They love going into shops, browsing around, and buying stuff. So I trudge around behind them from shop to shop. It takes me about 20 seconds to have a look around a shop, and then I am ready to move on, but they will be in there for 10 minutes. That’s the bit I hate.


I have worked out that my best tactic is to say “I’ll see you in the coffee shop when you’ve finished.”

I am a bit of a coffee shop addict. I love just sitting in a cafe, people watching.

And Brighton is a great place for people watching.



This weekend was the start of the Brighton Festival 2012, and alongside that runs the Brighton Fringe.


So we went to see a couple of shows, watched some Street Theatre, ate lots of food, and drank lots of coffee.






Scarlett really enjoyed Barricade! – a kind of Human Circus. The show was on Saturday night, and then on Sunday morning they did some circus skills training aswell. More fun for Scarlett! I was pretty knackered after it, not from the circus skills (I’m already a bit of a clown), but because we walked to Hove Park each time (two and a half miles each way).









Anyway – I’m back from Brighton – and on to my day job. I love the fact that I can take time off whenever I want to spend time with my family.

See you later. 🙂