UK Network Marketing

Network Marketing Opportunities in the UK

This page introduces Network Marketing, and summarises the major Network Marketing, or MLM, opportunities available if you live in UK.


If you are in a Network Marketing Business that is available in the UK, but is not listed here, then please contact me. If you’d like to write a review of it, I am  happy to include it here.

What is Network Marketing?

Network Marketing, or Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) is a worldwide business model that provides EVERYONE with the opportunity to build their own business, and achieve the lifestyle that they are willing to work for.


There are usually two parts to any Network Marketing business:

  1. The Retail (or Direct Selling) side
  2. The Team Building Side

1) Retail

For any business to make money, there must be a product or service that a consumer wants to buy.

Often the product or service is sold via a shop. There are costs and overheads involved in running a shop.

In Network Marketing, the Product or Service is provided by the Distributor. They usually Work From Home, and the product or Service is provided to the customer directly via the distributor, or from Head Office.

The customer is often someone that the distributor knows – a friend or a neighbour, and so this is often referred to as “sharing”, rather than “selling”.

As there are a lot fewer overheads, the costs to the company are less, and they pay commission to the distributor for the retail sales.


2) Team Building

In addition to the retail side, Distributors can earn extra money by introducing other people to the business. This is called Team Building.

If you introduce someone to the business, you are their sponsor.

You get paid extra bonuses by the company for the sales that your team members make.

In addition, you will be responsible for helping, supporting, teaching, and coaching your team members. Usually with the help of your own experienceed Sponsor, until you are experienced enough to do it yourself.

You can introduce many people to the business, and in addition, they can introduce people to the business. usually, you earn commission from those distributors’ sales aswell.

So as you can imagine, if you introduce a few serious people, who each introduce a few serious people, who each introduce a few serious people and so on, you can build a very big team.

Distributors who build a big team of active distributors get paid very well by their comapny. This is how the company builds a big business, and they want to reward you well.


Earning money by being a distributor in a Network Marketing business has pros and cons, so it is important to consider both, before committing yourself to one.



  • You can work Flexible hours to suite you
  • You are rewarded for your hard work. Promotions are not dependent on your boss.
  • You have no boss.
  • You can take time off when you want to, without having to ask permission
  • If you want to work harder to build a bigger income, you can
  • If you want to back off a little while you’re ill, you can.
  • Your income from Team Building is usually residual – meaning you get paid month after month, after you have done the work.
  • There’s no daily commute, you work from home.


  • It can be lonely, as you don’t usual have an office to go to every day.
  • The income is not guaranteed – you do need to find customers.
  • Many people will not want to join your business, and will not want to buy your product. Your job is to find those that do.


Aren’t they Pyramid Schemes?

Pyramid schemes were outlawed in the 1990’s, and Reputable, Ethical, Network Marketing Businesses are what you now have.

Pyramid schemes consisted of you paying a sum of money to join the scheme. Then if you got others to join, and pay, you got a portion of what they paid. Get enough people to join and you make a profit. However – there was oftern no Product or Service to Sell, so eventually everyone who was interested had joined, and there was nobody left to ask, so a lot of people were out of pocket, with no prospect of making any money.

When you join a Network Marketing business, there is often a cost to join – this may cover the cost of some products to buy, or the cost of the admin to set up your account, and send you training materials. However, and this is the key, your sponsor earns NOTHING from you signing up. He ONLY earns money if you sell some product or service.


So if you are still interested in looking for a good Network Marketing Opportunity – This is the one I recommend:  Kleeneze – Home Shopping


Have you been in a Network Marketing Business and succeeded, or failed? What were your experiences?

Chris Smith