Use Buffer to increase your Twitter visibility

If you’re in business, and you use Twitter, then you should take a look at Buffer too.

Buffer is a very easy to use tool that helps you schedule tweets, and analyse your follower engagement of those tweets.


I love it because it is so easy to use, and I love the layout….


But first – what is your opinion of scheduled, automated tweets?

If you are anti – then stop now, because that is what Buffer does. However, if you are in business, then stick with me for a moment…


Buffer does not replace your personal engagement with followers. You must still engage with your followers by ReTweeting their interesting or helpful tweets, by replying to them, by posting your topical, informative tweets on a regular, frequent basis.

However – it is unlikely that you can do this 24 hours a day. Your average Twitter timeline has hundreds and thousands of tweets an hour. If you are not in there while your followers are looking, you might as well be invisible!

Therefore, to keep you visible, to keep you in the eye of your followers, you can schedule tweets to be posted on your behalf by Buffer, at certain times throughout the day.


I use it to send tweets about my popular blog posts. These don’t change very often, so I can send a tweet out automatically and anyone who sees it and clicks on the link will see my (hopefully!) useful, informative, and engaging blog post.


I also send out regular quotes that are relevant to my business. I use the quotes of Jim Rohn, Zig Ziglar, and Winston Churchill, aswell as those of many other authors I like.


You can start with Buffer for FREE. If you go for this option, you get 10 slots in your Buffer. This means that you can load up 10 tweets that Buffer will post on your behalf, at the times you select.


If you wish, you can upgrade to the paid version to:

  • get unlimited room in your Buffer,
  • post to more social profiles, and
  • allow team members to post on your behalf.

Personally, I use the free one, simply because it does everything I want.


You CAN get extra spaces in your Buffer by introducing other people to Buffer. When you sign up for Buffer you get an affiliate link. Send this link to your Twitter friends, and for everyone that signs up to Buffer, you get an extra space.

If you like this Blog Post, and you’d like to try Buffer – feel free to use my Affiliate link – I promise to love you forever in return :o)


Getting Started

So – you’ve signed up to Buffer. What next?

First, go to the Settings page and decide what times of the day you want Buffer to post your tweets.



You can spread them out across 24 hours, or concentrate them on the busy times for your business, whichever you prefer.


Next, go to your Dashboard, and load up your first tweets (up to 10, remember) that you want Buffer to post for you.

Then sit back and let Buffer do its stuff.

I do this daily, every morning.

I have a text document where I keep all of my tweets that I want to use. Every time I come across a new quote, or I write a blog post, or something I want to tweet about regularly, I simply add it tjhe tweet to this text document.

Then in the morning I open up Buffer, open up my text document, and just add then next 10 tweets (or however many spaces you have in your Buffer).



I love the simple analysis that Buffer gives you. It shows you your recent tweets (those that Buffer has posted for you), and how many followers potentially saw the tweet. However, if the tweet was ReTweeted, then it includes the followers of each person who ReTweeted it. You also see who did this ReTweeting – so you can see people who have an interest in your tweets, and start to engage with them.

You can also see how many people clicked on any links in your tweets – again to see which of your Twitter Posts are arousing the most curiosity.

So while you are going about your daily business, Buffer is keeping your audience entertained, and you can look at the results when you have the time.

Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy!


Want to know one of the reasons that I wrote this post? (Apart from the fact that I love Buffer).

It was because Buffer Analytics told me that of all of the tweets it had posted for me, the Tweet that got the most clicks (by a long way!) was this…


… and so I wanted to have some more interesting Twitter-Related content for those people. By having related content on your blog, you can keep people reading your stuff, (which is presumably why you have a blog!)
So what drove you here? Please send me a comment below, I’d love to know what made you come to this post.
Best Wishes
Chris Smith
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