Manage your Twitter Timeline with Lists

Twitter Lists

If you have built up a reasonable number of Tweeps (Twitter users) that you follow, say more than 500, and they are active – i.e. they tweet quite a lot – then it can be hard work to keep track of what they are talking about. Your Twitter Timeline can get very busy.

This is where Twitter Lists come in handy.


Here is a 60-second video about Twitter Lists, or you can skip it and read the info below…

Twitter Lists

A List is a collection of Tweeps that have something in common.

Lists are yours to create and name as you want – and you can make each list private, or public.


The name of the List should be something that makes sense to you. Why did you start following that person?

For example –

  • They follow the same football team as you;
  • They have a similar interest to you.
  • Their tweets are humorous, and you enjoy a good giggle;
  • They have a business that you want to keep track of,
  • …and so on.


So your lists might be called…

  • StockportFans
  • RockClimbing
  • Comedians
  • Apple
  • …for example


Create a List

Next, go into your Twitter application of choice and create your lists.

In it is really easy:

  1. Login to your twitter account
  2. Go to your Profile Page
  3. Click on the Menu Option “Lists”
  4. Click on “Create List”
  5. Enter the List name, a description, and whether you want the list to be public or private.
  6. Repeat for each List you want to create.


Your next job is to allocate each Tweep that you follow to the relevant List. This can be a bit of a long winded exercise if you already follow thousands of people. So you could do it over a period of time.


One tool that I found really helpful is TwitListManager.


TwitListManager is a great way to go through all of the people you follow, and see if you have already allocated them to a list, and if not, you can choose a list to allocate them to.

You can also revisit it monthly to make sure you haven’t missed someone out.


When your lists are set up, then get into the discipline so that, every time you follow a new Tweep, you allocate them to a list. If you start to follow someone, but there isn’t a relevant list, create a new list!


View a List

So – now you have lists, with your followers allocated to one, or more, lists, what next?

Well next time you are reading your Twitter Timeline you can choose to..

Scan your normal Timeline with the tweets of all of the people you follow all mixed together , OR…

Go to one of your lists, to view…

  • What people are saying about Stockport County FC
  • What’s going on down the local Climbing Wall
  • Some funny tweets to cheer you up
  • The latest Apple design stuff
  • … and so on

In you do this in the same way as you created your lists…

Go to your profile page

Select Lists from the Menu option

Then click on one of your new Lists

Now, you get a timeline exactly the same as your main Twitter Timeline, but just with the tweets of those people in that list.

Now if you want to use one of the more advanced Twitter Apps like HootSuite, you can view several lists at once, but that5 is a subject for another day.


I hope you found that useful.


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Bye for Now

Chris Smith

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