The 10X Rule by Grant Cardone

In The 10X Rule, Grant Cardone explains his view that in order to achieve success in any area, you need to set your goals 10 times higher than you think you do, and you need to take 10 times more action than you think you do.

These are the notes I made as I read the book… trying to highlight the key phrases and ideas.

Chapter one – What is the 10X rule?

Success is like a breath of fresh air. The last one was good, but you still want the next one.
Most people underestimate what they need to do to achieve a goal, and often fall short. So instead, set a goal which is 10X as big, do 10X as much activity, then even if you fall short, you will be a massively changed person, and you will achieve so much more.
What is most important is the mindset and actions which are necessary to achieve the 10X goal.

Chapter two – Why the 10X rule is vital.

When you get behind schedule, most people’s first response is to reduce the target, rather than increase the activity.
Any target attacked with the right actions in the right amounts with persistence is attainable.
Approach every situation with an “in it to win it whatever it takes” mindset.
Success does not merely “happen”. It is the result of relentless, proper actions taken over time.

Chapter three – What is success?

Success provides confidence, security, a sense of comfort, the ability to contribute at a greater level, and hope and leadership for others in terms of what is necessary.

Chapter four – Success is your duty.

You must approach success the way good parents approach their duty to their children ; it is an honour, an obligation, and a priority.
If you are able to repeatedly attain success, it becomes less of a “success” and more of a habit.

Chapter five – There is no shortage of success.

Most people look at success as if there is a scarcity.
But success is created, not acquired.
So if you want to, you can create success in your life, regardless of any successes anyone else creates in their lives.

Chapter six – Assume control for everything.

It’s impossible to do something positive when you spend your time making excuses.
A victim never takes charge of their outcomes going forward. They say “bad things happen to me often, and I cannot do anything about it.”
Once you start to approach every situation as someone who is acting, not being acted upon, then you will start to have more control over your life.

Chapter 7 – Four degrees of action.

To achieve a success, you have 4 choices..
1) do nothing
2) retreat
3) take normal levels of action
4) take massive action
Approach each day as though your life and future depend on your ability to take massive action.

Chapter 8 – Average is a failing formula

What if you live 20 years longer than your savings? What is your plan?
Average action never yields anything more than average results, and usually much less.

Chapter 9 – 10x Goals

I worked at McDonald’s and hated it. The guy working next to me loved it.
I hated doing the work to earn £7 an hour. He was earning £7 an hour, and learning the business so he could open 100 franchises. That’s why he loved it. His goals were 10x mine.
Many people find themselves on the path they’re on simply because they are doing what other, average, people have done.

Chapter 10 – competition is for sissies.

Forward thinkers don’t copy, they don’t compete, they create.
Never make it your goal to compete. Instead, do everything you can to dominate your sector in order to avoid spending your time chasing someone else.
Although other players in your market may be able to outspend or outadvertise you, you can certainly outwork them using Social media, email marketing etc.
The good thing about social media is anyone can play in the space, regardless of his or her financial situation. It allows for unlimited creativity, and rewards only those who use it consistently and persistently.
On social media you have to do two things: 1) get noticed, and 2) get through the noise.
Two things will happen when you take the right amount of action: 1) you will get a new set of problems. And 2) your competition will start promoting you.

Chapter 11 breaking out of the middle class.

The wealthy don’t depend on wages and credit. The poor will receive help from the state. The middle class is the toughest place to be.
If you knew you had the energy and creativity to make it to the next level, wouldn’t you give it a try?

Chapter 12 – Obsession isn’t a disease, it’s a gift.

The dictionary defines “obsessed” as “the domination of one’s thoughts or feelings by a persistent idea, image, or desire.” I believe this is the perfect adjective for how you must approach success.
Obsession is like a fire. You want to build it so big that people feel compelled to sit around it in admiration.
I suggest that you become obsessed about the lifestyle you want ; otherwise you are going to spend a lifetime being obsessed with making excuses as to why you didn’t get it.

Chapter 13 – Go “all in” and overcommit

You can go “all in” with actions and energy as many times as you want, because even if you fail, you can keep going all in.
It is impossible for you to run out of ideas.
Learn to commit first, and figure out how to show up later.

Chapter 14 – Expand, never contract.

The idea of constant, unwavering expansion is counterintuitive and even unpopular during an economic downturn; however, it will separate you from the rest of the pack more than any other single activity.
Although spending money is the most common way for businesses to expand, it is certainly not the only way, and not nearly as valuable as taking 10X actions consistently and persistently.

Chapter 15 – Burn the place down.

Once you start taking 10X actions, you must continue to add wood to your fire. Keep stacking wood until the fire is so hot and burns so brightly that not even competitors or market changes can put your fire out.
Success is like a garden, it blesses those who give it lots of attention.

Chapter 16 – Fear is the great indicator.

You will experience fear when you start taking new actions at new levels. If you aren’t, then you’re probably not doing enough of the right things.
FEAR is False Events Appearing Real.
Fear is one of the most disabling emotions a human being can experience.
You overcome fear by giving it no time to grow. Immediately take the action you need to take. The longer you procrastinate, the bigger the fear will grow.
When you allow fear to set you back, you lose energy, momentum and confidence, and your fears will only grow.
Fear, like fire, is not something from which you should pull away. Rather, it should be used to fuel the actions of your life.

Chapter 17 – The myth of time management.

The first thing you must do is make success your duty by setting distinct and definitive priorities.
The moment you achieve one goal you’ve set for yourself, it’s time to establish a new target.
Most people have no clue what they are doing with their time but still complain that they don’t have enough.
Successful people work at a pace that gets such satisfying results that work is a reward.
The first thing to do when managing time and seeking balance is to decide what is important to you.
If you don’t manage your time, you will waste it.
You cannot blame your family for keeping you from creating the success you deserve. They should be the reason why you WANT to succeed.

Chapter 18 – Criticism is a sign of success.

When you start taking the right amount of action and therefore creating success, criticism is often not far behind.
When you start taking enough action, it won’t be long before you’re judged by people who aren’t taking any.
What better way respond to criticism than to keep succeeding.

Chapter 19 – Customer satisfaction is the wrong target.

Customer service is the wrong target ; increasing customers is the right target.
Customer service cannot exist without a customer. The attainment of the customer is the most important thing.
Most people fail because they never get enough customers.
Conduct customer satisfaction surveys of the people who did not become customers.
Criticisms and complaints are inevitable indications that you are growing as you should.

Chapter 20 – Omnipresence

If you’re not already thinking big enough, you need to expand your approach and enlarge your footprint with the goal of dominating and being everywhere.
There are over 6 billion people on this planet, and most of them need some kind of help.

Chapter 21 – Excuses

An excuse is a justification for doing, or not doing, something.
Excuses are for people who refuse to take responsibility for their life and how it turns out.
Ask yourself “will any of these excuses improve my situation?”
Successful people do not make excuses.
Once you adopt a position of taking responsibility, and refusing to make any more excuses, then you can go out and search for a solution.

Chapter 22 – Successful or unsuccessful?

Successful people talk, think, and approach situations, challenges and problems differently than most people.
Here is a list of ways you should act in order to be successful…
1) Have a “can do” attitude.
2) Believe that “I will figure it out”
3) Focus on opportunity
Success is overcoming a challenge. Therefore, you can’t succeed without some kind of difficulty.
4) Love Challenges
5) Seek to solve problems
6) Persist until Successful
This isn’t a trait that people do or do not have; it’s something that can, and must, be developed.
When you retrain yourself to do whatever is necessary to ensure that you are in the best mental, emotional, and financial position to persevere – you will find yourself on the list of the most successful.
7) Take risks.
Nothing ventured, nothing gained.
8) Be unreasonable.
Man would do nothing exceptional if it were not for the willingness to be unreasonable.
9) Be dangerous.
Massive action demands that you throw caution to the wind.
10) Create wealth.
Figure out how to create wealth through the exchange of great ideas, quality service, and effective problem solving.
11) Readily take action.
The highly successful take unbelievable amounts of action.
Your ability to take action will be a major factor in determining your potential success. It’s a habit that must be developed. Action is necessary in order to create success.
12) Always say Yes.
13) Habitually commit.
14) Go all the way.
In the world of success and achievement, half measures achieve nothing in terms of results.
Commit to being completely unreasonable and going all the way. Don’t accept any excuses. No settling allowed.
15) Focus on “Now”
You must aquire the disciplines, muscle memory, and achievements that result from taking massive action.
Action is necessary, and there is no time more valuable than now.
16) Demonstrate courage.
Courage comes to those who act, not to those who think, wait, and wonder.
17) Embrace change.
Successful people love change, whereas the unsuccessful do everything they can to keep things from changing.
The willingness to accept change is a great quality of the successful.
18) Determine and take the right approach.
Successful people invest time, energy, and money in improving themselves.
19) Break traditional ideas.
20) Be Goal-oriented.
Successful people pay more attention to the target than to the problem.
Keep most of your attention on the bigger picture of your goals rather than on just the task I’m accomplishing at that moment.
21) Be on a mission.
22) Have a high level of motivation.
Motivation means being stimulated towards action. To succeed, it is critical that you be stimulated, excited, and driven to some action or actions.
Motivation is an inside job.
I do it by setting daily goals to keep myself enthused.
23) Be interested in results.
24) Have big goals and dreams.
25) Create your own reality.
26) Commit first, figure out later.
27) Be highly ethical.
28) Be interested in the group.
You can only be as successful as the individuals with whom you involve and associate yourself.
29) Be dedicated to Continuous Learning.
Successful people make time for conventions, symposiums, and reading.
They approach a £30 book as though it has the potential to make them a million dollars.
30) Be uncomfortable.
The most important things I have done were NOT the things I was comfortable doing.
Successful people are willing to put themselves in new and unfamiliar with situations.
31) Reach Up in relationships.
You have to interact with people who are better than you. It’s the only way to become better yourself.
32) Be disciplined.

Chapter 23 – Getting started with 10X

Act now and then keep acting with the knowledge that enough actions taken now will create the future.
Take action Now, with an unreasonable belief to do whatever is necessary to hit your targets.
Now means now. Make your initial list of goals, then a list of actions that will propel you in that direction. Then, without overthinking it, start taking those actions.
Ask yourself “What actions can I take today to move me towards these goals?”
It seemed as though a big enough goal would automatically move me to the right actions.
Remember: Successful people embrace fear and discomfort.
Remember: Successful people keep their eye on their targets regardless of the challenges.
Remember: Successful people commit first and figure out the rest later.
Courage is created through actions.
It is impossible to do anything exceptional if you continue to live your life with thinking and actions that are mediocre.