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How To Start Your Own Business From Scratch

How to start your own business from scratch

Start a business from scratch


It seems like every week now, there is a new headline in the news about the number of unemployed people, the number of people made redundant, a company making some job cuts etc.


Long gone are the days of a job for life, or even being able to move between jobs and stay employed for life.


So I want to suggest an alternative to you:

If you cannot find someone to employ you – employ yourself!

employ yourself

By that, I mean start your own business. It is so easy to do this today. People used to say the British are a Nation of Shopkeepers. Now we are a nation of entrepreneurs. Self-Employment is the new “Job for Life”


There are some big advantages to being self-employed:

  • For one, you get more sunshine.
  • You have no boss, except maybe your other half).
  • If you want a payrise you can simply take on extra work.


So – how do you do start your own business? Here’s a quick checklist, and I’ll go through them in some detail later.

  • Decide on the product or service
  • Advertise
  • Earn Money

OK, that may seem a bit silly, but I wanted to make a point – it doesn’t have to be complicated.


Decide on the Product or Service

This is where you need to look at yourself, and decide what you can do, and look at the marketplace, and decide if there is a demand for it. This could really be anything – From dog walking, car washing, gardening, handyman. Can you do these things? You probably don’t need to invest in loads of equipment to get you started.

There are other, home-based businesses, where you have the support of a national or international company. Examples are Home-Shopping businesses, such as my personal favourite, Kleeneze. If you want to find some information about that, just visit my Kleeneze Information Site.


Find your customers

This is where the Internet, and Social Media in particular has changed the ball game. It used to be that when you start your own business, you rely on friends and family, and then word of mouth. Then you have to place some (expensive) adverts in local papers every week and so on.

Expensive adverts


Still, Friends and Family and Word Of Mouth is the best place to start, but in parallel with that there are loads of Social media applications that are free, easy to use, and have MILLIONS of people out there that you can reach out to.

To start off with I am going to assume that your business is aimed at your local population. However, if you are, for example, a website designer, then that service can be provided for a customer anywhere in the world, so this would not apply to you.

Over the next few days I will write posts, each of which will give you a quick guide on how to market your local business using…

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • Instagram
  • Google+
  • LinkedIn






Each one of these will connect you with a different group of people who may, or may know someone who does, want your product or service.

Each of these Social Media will be covered in a new blog post in the next few days.

The basic strategy that you use for all of these Social Media is as follows:

  • Brand Yourself
  • Identify potential customers
  • Engage with them
  • Look for opportunities

DO NOT simply create an account and blast loads of adverts at all and sundry. That will get you no business at all.

I will expand on the details of this strategy in another post in the next few days.


Oh, and last but not least…

Earn Money

If you have a product or service for which there is a demand, and you have found some customers, then you should complete the final step – Earn Money.


I hope that has sown the seeds of some ideas for you. I will write the next posts for you in the next few days, so please watch this space.


Bye for Now


Chris Smith

Chris Smith






Do you want more sunshine?

I’ve been self-employed now for about six years. Before that, I had an office job, pretty much 9 to 5, although usually in before 9 and not out until well after 5.


Now, you know how we Brits like to talk about the weather.


Well I remember two things that used to frustrate me a lot in my office job.












  1. It seemed like, whenever there was any sunshine, it was during the week, and when the weekend came along, it was raining.
  2. In the winter – it felt like I never saw daylight. I would drive to work in the dark and go into the office. Then when I’d finished, I would come out of the office, and drive home in the dark. As far as I was concerned, the sun had not even bothered to come up during the day.


Since I become self-employed (find out more here), and also since I started on this program of self-development, my views have changed. and they’ve changed in two different ways.


Firstly, I don’t worry now about things that I cannot control. That sounds really blase, and it’s probably not entirely true, but I try not to worry about things that I cannot control. The weather is one of those, and the times of the sunrise and sunset is another.


One of my favourite phrases that comes to mind is “There’s no such thing as bad weather, just the wrong clothes


As a result, I don’t really mind if it is dry and bright during the week, and pouring with rain at the weekend.


Now I accept that is a selfish point of view. My daughter recently helped out in a school fair, with lots of stalls and games outside to raise money for the school. it was on a Saturday, and if it had been pouring down, then there would have been a lot of disappointed people there.


But from a personal point of view, I don’t worry about that now.


Secondly, and this is the point that I really want to get acrossas I now work for myself, I can take advantage of the sunshine WHENEVER it is. If it is sunny on Monday and I want to have a picnic by the river, I can do it. I don’t have to ask my boss for a day off.


If it is pouring down with rain on Saturday, and I want to work on Saturday, I can do that too. I don’t need to ask the boss if there’s any overtime going.


So if you are sick of wet weekends, and dark winter afternoons, there is an alternative!

To get more sunshine yourself,  take a look at My Business, and see if you’d like to join me!


Bye for now


Chris 🙂