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30 Day Challenge

Meet 30 People in 30 Days

A few days ago I met Agnes Cserhati at the Entrepreneur Roadshow in Basingstoke. (check out #erb2013 in Twitter).

Agnes is a very bubbly, motivated, experienced entrepreneur, and she was giving a talk on her experiences, and giving recommendations for new or budding entrepreneurs.

Agnes at the Entrepreneur Roadshow, #ERB2013

Agnes at the Entrepreneur Roadshow, #ERB2013


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Social Media for Business


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Amongst all of the hints, tips, and advice she gave, Agnes set us a thirty day challenge: Business is all about relationships, and in this world of Social media, [Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn], it is important to actually meet people. her challenge was to meet 30 people in 30 days.

So, going to the pub with a mate doesn’t count, but 30 people who could help you, or you can help, and start work on a relationship.

Now those 30 people may not transform your life or your business, but it will start to develop some great habits that can become a way of life for a successful entrepreneur.

So I decided to take on that challenge, and document how it goes.By doing this, I hope it will commit me to sticking with the challenge when things get tough….

Day 1, Meeting 1 – Dave, the tenant

Day 6 – I ate my Frog

Day 6, Meeting 2 – The Frustrated Team Member

Day 10, Meeting 3 – The Power Coach

Watch this space for the next instalment of my 30 Day Challenge!

I hope you enjoy reading about it

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