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Are you a NEET?

This morning I saw this article on the BBC News website – click here. The title was “NEETs lack skills needed for First Jobs”


Now I had no idea what a NEET was, but it aroused my curiousity, so I had a look, and now I do know what a NEET is. See? You learn something new every day.



A NEET is a young person who is Not in Education, Employment, or Training.




The article explains that so many young people leave school and do not continue their education, they can’t get a job, and they don’t do any further training.


They often lack the “soft skills” such as communication, team working and customer service that so many jobs need these days.



And they are stuck in a Catch-22 situation. They don’t have the skills they need, and they can’t get a job where they could learn these skills.


“We know that if young people haven’t got on to the first rung of the job ladder by 24, they will suffer the consequences for the rest of their lives,” said Shaks Ghosh, chief executive of the Private Equity Foundation, which supports the report.


So – are there any solutions? Well one of the options is to join one of the many “Work From Home” opportunities.






I have been working with Kleeneze, the Home Shopping Business, since 2008. Anyone can join (although you need to be aged 18 or over), and it is like getting paid to do a training course.

You will learn communication skills, you will work as part of a team, and you will learn excellent Customer Service skills.


This is a great way to break that Catch-22 vicious circle.


If you’re interested in finding out more, just fill in your details on the Right, and I will send you an info pack.


Bye for Now.


Chris 🙂