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3 ways to get a pay rise

If you’ve read many of my posts, you will know that I love the philosophies of Jim Rohn. Here is another of his….


You get paid in this life by bringing VALUE to the MARKET PLACE. These are Jim’s words.


Now it may take you some time to add that value. But you don’t get paid for the time, you get paid for the value. You might say you get paid £10 an hour, but that’s not true, you get paid £10 for the value you provide in that hour. If you got paid for the hour, you could just stay at home and they could send you the money.


Is it possible to become more valuable? Absolutely!


Some people get paid £10,000 in a year. Other people get paid £1,000,000 in a year. Do the second people have a way of finding a hundred times more hours to work? NO! They provide more value in each hour!


So – can you find a way to become more valuable? No problem. Learn some new skills. Have a more cheerful attitude at work. They will pay you more. Or if they don’t someone else will.



Think of it like a ladder.

When you first start off at the bottom of the ladder, you probably have just a few skills, and some enthusiasm. They pay you minimum wage, maybe £5 an hour.

But you can climb! Find out what other skills would be useful to the people that pay you, and learn them.


You”ll soon be on the next step. and once you learn how to climb, you can continue! Learn another skill, and another skill. You add more value to every hour, you get paid more for each hour, and you climb higher and higher.



Now. There are other ways to get a Pay Rise.



You can go on strike for more money.

The problem with that is that you just get small pay rises, and you will never get Rich by Demanding that people pay you more money.





Or you can wait for a pay rise…




Really – it is easier to climb.

So, my advice to you is to work out what value you are adding, and then see what you can do to add more.


Bye for now.


Chris 🙂

Do you educate yourself?

One of my favourite quotes is “Formal Education will make you a living, Self Education will make you a fortune” by Jim Rohn.


I have been going through a quiet time in my business recently – team building is quieter as a result of some changes we made and Retail is fine, ticking along nicely, but, you know, I didn’t have my usual buzz.


Now that doesn’t worry me – I know I have ups and downs. Good Days and Bad Days…… and I don’t let the bad days worry me any more, because I know that is just my emotional roller coaster doing its’ stuff.


Yesterday was Wednesday, and Wednesdays are quiet days for me in my business, so it gives me a chance to reflect on how things are going, what changes I might need to make. A bit of working ON the business instead of working IN the business.


So I took the chance to watch a couple of old webinars. One of the leaders in the business, Andy Boswell, arranges a monthly webinar where various leaders present some motivational stuff, hints and tips, a bit about their story etc. and one of the webinars was by Doug Roper.


Now I had noticed that Doug Roper was always high up in the New Business Tables, so I knew he was doing something right, so I watched it. Just half an hour or so.


….and it really perked me up! He didn’t have a mind-blowing new idea, a fantastic new gadget or system, but he just had a really easy-going way about him. The fact that he is originally from the North-East (like me), endeared him to me. He recommended a book, which I had come across before but never read, and he reinforced some thoughts that I had.

So I came out of that short session feeling much better, just half an hour listening to someone else who is doing what you want to do, can give you such a boost.

Which brings me back to Jim Rohn’s quote.


When you’re at school, you are not usually there because you want to be, you are there because you have to be, so you learn what you have to learn.


After you leave school, any education you take on then, whether it is an evening class, reading a personal development book, watching a video or whatever, you tend to get a lot more out of it because you CHOOSE to do it. You do it because you know it can help you in your life, your business, or wherever.


So thanks to Jim Rohn, and Doug Roper, I feel all motivated again!


See you soon


Chris 🙂