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Are you climbing your staircase?

Are you climbing your staircase?

Or are you waiting for the things to come to you?


The world is changing. You can’t stand still. You must either climb, or you will descend.


I’m talking about your life, the quality of your life. If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got.


So if you have a job, and you go in at the same time every day, do the same stuff, and go home at the same time – you are standing still.


However, the world is moving – prices go up, new gadgets come along, kids get more demanding. If you are still doing the same thing that you’ve always done, you’ll be getting the same wages, and you’ll miss out on things.


If you want to improve the quality of your life, you must climb your staircase.


What does that mean? It means learn some new skills. Make yourself more valuable. When the next promotion comes along, and your boss sees that you’ve been putting in some extra hours, that you have some more skills, and you’ve been doing an evening class – there’s a good chance you could get it.


Jim Rohn has a great story of life in USA – he talks about work and pay being like a ladder.


First you have to get on the ladder. At the beginning it pays only $4 or $5 an hour, but learn a new skill or have a good attitude, and you can step up.

If you work at McDonalds they pay you $4 an hour. If you whistle while you take the rubbish out, they pay you $5 an hour.

See – good attitude doesn’t take much, and you’ve taken a step up the ladder already.


Most people do it the wrong way round –

“When they give me a pay rise THEN I’ll have a good attitude”

Why should they?

Have a good attitude first – put in some extra hours, learn some extra skills, become more valuable – THEN they will give you a pay rise!


So if you feel you want a change in your life…..

  • Take a look at the Staircase you are on.
  • Face the right direction.
  • Now take a step.


Bye for now

Chris Smith

Chris Smith

Be the Leader You Seek

We all want to be inspired.

Do you ever get that feeling where you want to do something, you want to achieve something…… you’re not quite sure what yet, but you are waiting for some inspiration!


Often – we look to leaders for our inspiration, but I have an alternative for you. Read about it here, or watch while I explain my thoughts…


So – you are looking for inspiration, for that charismatic speaker who inspires an entire audience to go out and achieve!

He stands in front of you, calling you to take action, to go for your dreams, to put a plan in place, and take that first step on your journey to success.


So I ask you a question – have you found that leader yet?

Have you found the inspiration that will get you off your bum, and encourage you to take those actions that you know you must take?




Well I have a suggestion for you.

Instead of searching for that inspirational leader, why not become him.


Become the Leader you Seek


Last year, I felt that I was losing enthusiasm for my business. I knew it worked, I have seen all of the evidence, I know people who are incredibly successful in the business, but it was not really working for me, as quickly as I wanted it to.


I attended various business meetings, and saw those successful people speaking about how things worked for them, and I realised that I wanted to be like them. I wanted to be the Successful Leader, but I realised that, rather than simply seeking out a successful Leader, I should become that successful Leader.


What does that mean…. “Become the Leader you Seek”?

Well – for me, I decided to write down what I looked for in a leader. A leader must….


  • Be confident
  • Speak from experience, not just from a text book
  • Be professional in their dealings with everyone
  • Be willing to share – ideas, knowledge, etc.
  • Be constantly learning
  • Be a good communicator – to individuals and audiences
  • Inspire me
  • Care for people
  • Be a good example
  • Encourage People


There are many other attributes – and you should write down your own list of what you would look for.


Now, when I had written down the attributes that I would look for in a Leader, I decided the best way for me to progress, the best way form me to “Become the Leader I seek”, was to adopt these attributes myself.


If I became more confident, if I practiced everything that I preached, if I dealt with everyone in a professional way, if I shared my knowledge with people, if I kept reading and learning, if I improved my communication skills, if I cared for people, set a good example, and I encouraged people, then I would become a Leader, and I would inspire myself!


You see, the beauty of this approach is that you can start to become the leader you seek, today. You do not have to wait until you have found the right person. It could be years and years before you find just the right inspirational leader. YOU are the right person to inspire yourself.

and you can start in your new role NOW.


Come on – off you go!


Best wishes

Chris Smith