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30 Day Challenge – I ate my Frog!

On Thursday 16th May 2013, at the Basingstoke Entrepreneurs Roadshow, Agnes Cserhati of AC Power Coaching set a challenge to meet 30 people in 30 days.

You can read about the challenge here.


Friday 24th May 2013: Day 6, My Frog:

Eat That Frog

It’s funny how working IN your business gets in the way of working ON your business.

Since Sunday (Day 1, Meeting 1) I have been working like mad IN my business, but making ZERO progress on my 30 Day Challenge. Well not exactly zero. I made a couple of appointments to meet people next week. It’s not a sprint, it’s a marathon. (That’s what people say when they get off to a slow start!)

HOWEVER, I just wanted to say another big thankyou to Agnes Csherhati for helping me to eat a frog.

If you have no idea what I am talking about, get a copy of “Eat That Frog!” by Brian Tracy. This is a great book about defeating procrastination, and doing the most important things for your business, even if they are not the most enjoyable things.

My Frog, which I have not been able to eat for about six months now, has been to go to a local Business Networking meeting. I used to go to Networking meetings about 5 years ago, and I know they are a good way to make contacts, meet new people, and do business, but I was nervous of going to talk about my current business, Kleeneze, so I kept finding reasons for not going….

  • I need to deliver some orders on that day.
  • I haven’t prepared what I am going to say.
  • What if I don’t know anyone there?
  • I have a blog post to write.
  • … etc

However, now that I have taken on Agnes’ 30 Day Challenge (and am running behind on my target!), I have a strong reason TO go. Imagine how many new people I could meet if I go to a Business Networking Meeting!

So I did.

This morning I went to the 4Networking meeting in Ferndown. I had a really good time. I met a dozen or so people who were all really friendly and welcoming. What on earth was I worried about?

But isn’t that always the way with frogs?

So I now have a bunch of appointments lined up in the coming week or two.

Here’s some of the people I’ll be meeting…

Bernadette Lloyd - Procubed

Bernadette Lloyd of Procubed Services

Bernadette is the Area Director of this 4N Networking Group, and she is also a property investor. I have invested in property in the past, so Bernadette invited me to the local Property Investors Network meeting. Result!


Neil Jarrett - BHF


Neil Jarrett is the local Fundraising & Volunteer Manager for the British Heart Foundation. My daughter Sophie had open heart surgery earlier this year, so it is a charity close to my heart. I’ll be meeting Neil to see how I can help.


Jo Hansell - Nimbus Solutions


Jo Hansell has a computer training and support called Nimbus Solutions. Jo welcomed me to the meeting, and was really helpful in introducing me to some of the other people at the meeting. I’m meeting Jo just to learn more about her business, and see if I can direct some business her way.


30 Day Challenge? Pah!

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30 Day Challenge – Dave, the tenant

On Thursday 16th May 2013, at the Basingstoke Entrepreneurs Roadshow, Agnes Cserhati of AC Power Coaching set a challenge to meet 30 people in 30 days.

You can read about the challenge here.

Sunday 19th May 2013: Day 1, Meeting 1

I got off to a gentle start today. I met with David. David is a tenant in one of my flats. He is young, ambitious, smart, and he keeps the flat looking immaculate! A perfect tenant.

The purpose of the meeting was 2-fold. Firstly, David wanted to review our tenancy agreement. He would like to commit to staying at the flat for a further 12 months, in exchange for a reduction in the rent. I was happy with that. I always think a good tenant is worth their weight in gold. The previous tenant in this flat was a nightmare, I had to go to court to get them evicted, incurring court fees, and months of lost rent. David is a breath of fresh air.

Secondly, and this was the part relating to the 30 Day Challenge, I asked David to take a look at my Kleeneze Business Opportunity.

I hadn’t expected him to be interested, as he seems very focussed on his career at the moment, but I thought he might know someone who might be interested.

To my surprise he said he would like to look at the info for himself. He was familiar with Network Marketing, as a friend had taken him to a meeting for another opportunity recently. So he said he would certainly take a look at the information. I left a couple of business cards with him to pass on to friends.

Will this lead to a new team member? I don’t know, but you never know. This is a numbers game, and the more people you show the opportunity to, the more people will join.

Lessons Learnt? Don’t prejudge anyone. Speak to everyone about your business. You never know who might be interested.