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Design Your Best Year Ever

I saw Darren Hardy speak at a Kleeneze showcase in 2011, and I really liked what he had to say. Very motivating, Clearly a very driven man, and with a lot of advice that clicked with me.


As part of the conference gift pack, we received a copy of one of Darren’s books – “Design Your Best Year Ever


If you feel like you are drifting along in life, never making any progress, promising that this year is going to be different, but then it never is….. then this is the book for you.


It is all about goal setting:

  • Dreaming big;
  • Breaking the dreams down into manageable chunks;
  • then setting yourself small achievable tasks so that you achieve your dreams.


The book is split into two halves.

  • The first half explains how to set fantastic goals, and then how to achieve them.
  • The second half is a workbook, that takes you through a whole year, week by week, monitoring your steps, until you have achieved your goals.


It really does help you to do what it says on the cover. Don’t just hope for a good year, but DESIGN YOUR BEST YEAR EVER.


I found that it really keeps you focussed, keeps you concentrated on the important things to achieve your goals, not the day to day distractions that leave you with nothing.


If you are an action-taker, but need some structure to help you achieve your goals and dreams, then this is the book for you.


Bye for now,


Chris Smith 🙂