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Are you following the right path?

Are you following the right path?

Actually – are you following any path, or are you just wandering along aimlessly without any plan or direction…..

are you following the right path?

This photo is from the New Forest, Hampshire, near where I live. Last week I was just stretching my legs, getting some peace and quiet, and I came over a small hill and saw the footpath leading off ahead.


It made me think – this could be like the footpath of your life……




Some people have a dream, a goal, or a destination, and they plan the route, they decide which footpaths to take to get there.

Other people live in the moment, and they don’t know where they are going. They just react to whatever life throws at them, avoid the difficult paths, and just stick to the easy life.


Are you on the right path?

If you can answer YES or NO, that’s GOOD. If you have no idea, thats BAD!


YES?      NO?

If you answered YES, or NO, that means you have a clear goal, perhaps to get a promotion by the end of the year, so that you can save up and buy your first house.


If you answered YES, then maybe that’s because you know what you need to do to get that promotion, what skills you need to learn, what extra commitment you need to make, and you are learning those skills, you are making that commitment.


If you answered NO, then maybe that’s because you know what you need to do, but you are struggling to learn the skills, or you are unable to make that commitment. HOWEVER – at least you know that you are on the wrong path. You can find a different path, a different route to earn the momney to buy that house, and that path may require skills that you CAN learn, and commitments that you CAN make. All you need to do now is decide to change paths.



The big problem is if you answered I DON’T KNOW to the question. If you don’t know whether or not you are on the right path, then maybe you don’t know where the path is leading, or even if you are on a path. Maybe you are simply being blown by the winds from pillar to post, not sure whether one direction is better or worse than any other.


That could be that you don’t have any dreams or goals, so you just live from day to day, spending money as soon as you receive it on consumables. – food, drink, clothes.


If you don’t decide on a path, your life will continue to be what it has always been. Are you happy with that? Yes? That’s great, I wish you well. No? Then you need to discover a dream, set a goal, and find the right path to achieve it.


Bye for Now.

Chris Smith

Chris Smith