Are you using Pinterest to promote your business yet?


A great way to promote your business.

Social media for Business







Have you got your Pinterest account set up yet?

NO? Do it now, you’ll love it!


What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is a social media network – a way of sharing things with other people. It is like a set of virtual pinboards.

Do you have a pinboard in your kitchen with postcards of memorable holidays, pictures of the kids, favourite recipes etc?

Well it’s like that, but you can have as many pinboards as you want, and pin as many pictures to a board as you want.



This picture is an example of my old Goal Board, a pin board I used to hold pictures of my goals.








… and this is one of my Pinterest Goal Boards.

I feel a lot more organised. I have boards for short- medium- and long term goals, and I can add comments to them, to help keep me on track and motivated.



Why does Pinterest attract attention?

Pinterest is attracting attention because it is SO VISUAL.


How many times have you logged on to a blog, or a website, and found pages and pages of text. It may be really interesting or useful, but you just can’t face working your way through it.



With Pinterest, you can just browse the many fantastic images, and if you find one that you like, you can repin it to one of your own boards.

There are mouthwatering images with great recipes, fantastic ideas for interior design, beautiful images of your favourite city, all just waiting for you to feast your eyes on.

art, food, travel

You can search for areas that you’re interested in, to find people with similar interests, or just to find fantastic images to repin to your boards.


Business or Pleasure?

There seem to be two main groups of people using Pinterest, those doing it purely for pleasure, and those doing it to promote their business, and there is some crossover too.

Those doing it purely for pleasure have a great way to collect and organise beautiful images that they love – you will find boards with names like…

  • Places I love
  • My favourite recipes
  • Beautiful Clothes
  • My favourite fashions
  • Gorgeous beaches
  • …and so on

You will also find people promoting businesses. this works especially well if your business has a strong visual component. Not so great for accountants, but they sky is the limit?

If you are a maker of beautiful things, then Pinterest is perfect for you…

For example…

  • Mosaics
  • Clothes
  • Shoes
  • Jewellery

Hints and tips









So if you are promoting your business, here are some great hints and tips….

Collect your images into related Boards. Don’t just have one big board with everything on.

Give each pin a meaningful name – remember people will be searching!

Give each board a meaningful name! – people will want to follow the whole board

Do you have a website? Then ensure each PIN points it to your website. There are two ways to do this.

  1. If you have Pinned it from your website, then it will point back to your website by default.
  2. If you have uploaded it yourself, then do this…
  • Log onto Pinterest
  • Hover over your profile (top right hand corner)
  • Select Boards
  • Click on the board containing your new pin, or the ojne you want to change
  • Hover over the pin you want to change, and click EDIT.
  • In the LINK field, enter the url of your website, or the page on your website that you want people to go to.
  • Save the PIN.

Now, whenever anyone looks at your PIN, and clicks on it to find more information, they will be taken to your fantastic website with all of your other products, your online shop, and other ways they can engage with you. Cool huh?


You can pin images to your pinterest boards from…

  • Other Pinterest boards
  • Elsewhere on the web
  • Your own photos
  • Images on your own website


Getting started

  1. Create an account
  2. Search Pinterest for keywords you might be interested in
  3. Repin your favourites onto a board of your own.
  4. upload your own images
  5. Follow people or boards that have images that inspire you.
  6. Engage with them – comment on their pictures. This is Social Media, so they will look at your boards and if you inspiure them, they will follow you, and comment on your images and so on.


Hey Presto – your images get exposure across the PinterestVerse!


To see the Pinterest boards of a complete amateur…

Take a look at my Pinterest Boards.

Bye for Now

Chris Smith