Dave and Louise

Could I just tell you my favourite story about one of my team members?


I run a Kleeneze Home Shopping business. If you’re not familiar with Kleeneze, it is a very simple business – you deliver home shopping catalogues to houses near where you live, Customers order from them, you deliver their orders, and you get paid commission. You show other people how to do the same, and you earn commission on their sales as well.


So the two parts to it mean that it appeals to 2 different types of people…Those that just want an extra £50 – £100 a week part time, and those that are looking to build a major residual income and make huge changes in the quality of their lives.


In September last year a lady called Louise replied to one of my adverts. I sent her some information, and she said she would like to give it a go.


I had a bit of a chat with Louise, to find out a bit about her, and her situation. She explained that she had 2 twin girls, about 9 months old, and husband worked long night shifts.


Now, I try not to pre-judge people, but in my mind I imagined Louise with a big twins buggy, piled up with nappies, milk, and catalogues pushing it up and down the streets where she lived. She could maybe earn  £50 a week if she was determined, but it would be hard for her.


So she signed up, received her starter pack with a few catalogues, and called me a couple of days later to say that she had a £200 in orders. That was pretty quick I thought. She explained she had given a catalogue to her Mum, who had taken it in to her work at the supermarket, and got some orders from her friends. Pretty resourceful, I thought.


She ordered a few extra catalogues so she could get more orders – that shows keen, I thought.


Louise placed another order for some more goods for her customers, and was just starting to get on a roll when her Nan died.


So Louise had to go away for a couple of days to the funeral, and left hubby (Dave) to pick up some catalogues she had put out.


Now I knew this would go one of two ways. Dave would either say “I’m not helping with this stupid catalogue job, waste of time” , or he would have a look at it, see there was something in it, and run with it.


It was the latter. Dave went round to collect the books, got a few orders from people who had never met him, and he realised how simple it was, so he put the catalogues back out to some new houses on the same day, and a couple of days later got some more orders, put them straight out again, and so on.


Dave started calling me, asking questions, coming to the meetings, talking to other people about the business.


He suddenly realised he could quickly build this into something that would allow him to give up his dead-end job, and build a fantastic life for his wife and children….

…and that’s exactly what they’re doing.


After 4 months in the business Dave quit his dead-end job. After 8 months Dave and Louise went to Gold distributor level, and earned over £2000 in that month. Dave regularly sends me pictures of him in the park with their daughters, enjoying the sunshine. That’s another thing about working for yourself – you can choose when to take advantage of the sunshine.


They have already made a huge change to their life, and I know this is going to be huge for them.


I remember thinking they would be lucky if they got £50 a week from it. Just goes to show how wrong you can be.


You can read their story in their own words here.


Bye for now


Chris 🙂