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My name’s Chris Smith, I’m married to Sarah, and we have two beautiful daughters, Sophie and Scarlett (visit Scarlett-Harp.co.uk here).



I hope you find something useful here. On my website you will find information about…

  • Personal Development
    • Leadership
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Personal Development

Personal Development is something that we should ALL be doing. In the words of Jim Rohn: “Formal Education will earn you a living, self-education will earn you a fortune” For “Self Education”, read “Personal Development”.

In this section you will find a variety of blog posts about personal development, and also sections about my favourite authors on Personal Development: Robert Kiyosaki, Jim Rohn, and others which will be added.



Whether you want to lead a team, or just set a great example to yourself and your family, Ledaership skill;s are a great part of personal development.

Here you can read my blog posts about Leadership.


Financial Independence

What is Financial Independence? I read a great way to measure your financial independence:

If you stop work today. How many days would it be before you would run out of money?

You can read my blog posts and articles on Financial Independence here.


Residual Income

… and what better way to achieve financial independence than through a Residual Income. That is an income that you continue to receive, even after you have stopped doing the work that created it. For example, Pop stars get paid royalties on their songs, after they have finished the work of recording them.

In this section you can find my posts and articles about Residual Income.



One of the best ways to build a residual income, and become finaincially independent, is by running a home-business. In these businesses you are self-employed, and there are many questions and issues you would want to address if you are self employed, or thinking about going self-employed.

Read my thoughts on self-employment, or being self-employed here.


My Business

I have a small Home Shopping Business which is one of the ways I am building my Residual Income, hopefully leading to Financial Independence. I am self-employed, and it requires some Leadership on my part, and I have goine through my own Personal Development journey to get where I am now.

If you would like to know more about my business of choice, Kleeneze, take a look in that section.


Social Media for Business

I love using Social Media to promote local businesses, and my business aswell.

Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn etc are all great tools to get your message out to your community.

In this section you will find loads of great hints and tips on how to get the best out of them. You can find it all here: Social Media for Business



I hope you find something of interest. I do waffle on a bit, so bear with me. I work hard to earn good money, and I like to spend that money on my family and me, and offer them a lifestyle that they can enjoy. I hope you get a feel for that here.

If you would like to do something similar for yourself and your family, then please get in touch. I’d love to hear from you.


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Chris Smith 🙂

Chris Smith