30 Day Challenge: The Property Investor

On Thursday 16th May 2013, at the Basingstoke Entrepreneurs Roadshow, Agnes Cserhati of AC Power Coaching set a challenge to meet 30 people in 30 days.

You can read about the challenge here.

Tuesday 28th May: Day 10, Meeting 4

The Property Investor

Last Friday, at the 4Networking Meeting in Ferndown, I met Bernadette Lloyd.

Bernadette Lloyd - Procubed


Bernadette is the Area Director of this 4N Networking Group, and is MD of Procubed Services.

Procubed Services provide a number of Professional Services, but one in particular interested me: Property Investment.



Bernadette invited me to a local Property Investors Network meeting. I have invested in property in the past, and I still have those properties, but I haven’t been actively investing for several years, so I was interested in going along.

The meeting was in a hotel in Poole, and I met Bernadette briefly before the meeting, while networking with other people. Some were experienced investors, going along to meet fellow investors, and to see Simon Zutshi, the founder of the Property Investors Network, who was one of the speakers. Others were brand new to Property, and just wanted to see what it was all about.

Simon Zutshi is a very bubbly, knowledgeable, confident man, without coming across as arrogant. He has clearly been very successful in property investment, and his idea in setting up this network is to share that knowledge, and create a supportive environment for people who want to get into property investing.

He runs training courses on how to buy property for investment, but I was pleased to see that, although these courses were mentioned and promoted at the meeting, it was not an over the top sell, sell, sell approach, which made it a much more pleasant experience.

In addition to Simon giving us some thoughts on buying property in the Bournemouth area, there were 3 investors from the local area giving us stories and examples of properties they had bought, to give us an insight of the kind of deals that can be made.

Overall, a very insightful evening.

Bernadette is on one of the training programmes, so I hope to meet her again to get an insider’s view of the courses and programmes.

Lessons Learnt – Don’t discount old business ventures that have ended. I had pretty much decided I would not invest in property again, and that I would consolidate the ones I already have, but this has fired up my interest again, and who knows where it might lead.

PS – Tony Laws, the MC and host of the meeting called me a couple of days later, just for some feedback on how I thought it went, and we agreed to meet for a coffee next week – so that’s another of my 30 Day Challenge booked!

chris smith


Bye for Now.

Chris Smith

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