30 Day Challenge: The Frustrated Team Member

On Thursday 16th May 2013, at the Basingstoke Entrepreneurs Roadshow, Agnes Cserhati of AC Power Coaching set a challenge to meet 30 people in 30 days.

You can read about the challenge here.

Friday 24th May 2013: Day 6, Meeting 2

The Frustrated Team Member

OK, I know I am behind on my schedule to meet 30 people in 30 days, but don’t give up on me yet!

Gorgeous pastries


Today I met up with Graham. He had suggested a patisserie he knows not far from where he works. Wow. Absolutely gorgeous cakes and bread and pastries. If I worked nearby, I would put on a stone in a month!


I have known Graham for a few years. We met at a Business Networking Meeting when he was a Mortgage Broker, and I was buying properties to Let out.

Graham is very professional, a hard worker, great at what he does.

He joined my Kleeneze team 18 months ago, and I was certain he would build a strong, successful team, to give him the residual income he was looking for. The main issue for him was finding the time, as he also had other commitments with clients as he is an accountant/financial project manager.

When Graham joined Kleeneze, he hit the ground running. He delivered lots of catalogues to the areas where he lived, received loads of orders, and built up a good, loyal, customer base. He qualified for loads of bonuses and Incentives.

But what Graham really wants to do is start recruiting, and building a team, to provide a residual income. The question was, when would he find the time to do it?

A couple of months ago Graham had some delivery problems. Some goods arrived damaged. This happens occasionally. It is frustrating when it happens, but thankfully it is not all that often. However, when it happens to you, it is painful. As Graham is very busy, he became very frustrated and angry at the time it took to get replacement goods back to him, and the time and effort for him to deliver the goods to his customers, while at the same time trying to repair any damaged loyalties.

Graham went quiet – I didn’t hear from him for a while. he stopped putting in orders, and I was certain that the frustration had been so bad, that he had decided to leave the business. I had pretty much resigned myself to losing a great team member.

When this sort of thing happens, It is easy to think…

  • If he wants a chat, he’ll get in touch.
  • If he decides to leave, there is nothing I can do about it.

…..and for a few weeks, that is how I had felt.

But after taking on Agnes’ 30 Day Challenge, my mindset has changed. I am starting to experience the value of face to face meetings. So I rang Graham, and left a voicemail. He emailed me back and we arranged a date/time.

I was steeling myself for a fairly difficult meeting, expecting Graham to tell me all of the reasons why he was leaving.

We sat down, coffee and almond croissants at the ready.

….and Graham was mad. He was very frustrated with the delivery problems. And with other problems I hadn’t realised – meetings that had been arranged at short notice that he was unable to attend.

…but, he did see the bigger picture! Kleeneze is a business of 2 parts. The first is the retail part. Primarily catalogue delivery. That part does give you short term income. There are occasional problems, as with any business. The second part is the team building part – recruiting, sponsoring, coaching, supporting, and celebrating successes with your team members. This is where the big residual incomes come from, and Graham sees that. He knows that is why he is really in Kleeneze.

So despite the short-term frustrations he has faced, we ended with a successful meeting, starting on the longer term plans for growing Graham’s team, and building the part of the business that he really wants to do.

Lessons Learnt? Meeting people face to face allows you to understand what the other person is REALLY thinking! It gets SO MUCH MORE done than texts, emails, and incorrect assumptions!

chris smith


Bye for now

Chris Smith


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