About me

I was born in 1959, and spent my youth in Billingham, near Middlesbrough in the North East of England.


I didn’t really work hard at school, but scraped by on some “natural talent”. Went to York University doing Maths and Computing, but dropped out after a year. I just didn’t have the disciplines to work at that time.


I started work with British Steel in the Computer department, and that set the trend for then next 25 years or so. Gradual progression through various companies – Canada Life, Manulife, General Portfolio, and then to T-Mobile, where I did pretty well for 10 years. Took on some extra responsibility, moved into middle management, switched to the International Division, and spent three years working in UK, Germany, Austria, Czech republic, and Holland. Salary was around £60k. My work life was pretty good.


In amongst all of that I met my wife, Sarah, in St Albans. We got married and have 2 beautiful daughters ( I would think that wouldn’t I). Sophie was born in 1988 while we were living in Australia for 18 months. That was a fantastic experience. I’m glad I did it, but glad we came back.


Scarlett was born in 1997, and we now live in Ringwood in the beautiful New Forest.

Sophie has Downs Syndrome. She is an adult now (23 at the time of writing) and lives at home with us. It was Sophie’s special needs that lead to where I am now.

While I has gadding about in Vienna, Prague and Bonn, Sarah was at home on her own looking after Sophie and Scarlett. With Sophie’s needs, that was hard work for Sarah, and stressful for us, as I felt pretty helpless when Sarah was on the phone asking me for help, and I was 1000 miles away.


Then there was an event that changed things for us. My mum had a stroke. So I took a week off and travelled up north to see her in Hospital etc. In between visiting times I watched a lot of daytime TV. Mmmm nice. There were a lot of those programs about people who buy properties, do them up, and sell them for a profit. Now I watched these people with few skills, making loads of mistakes, running over budget, and taking far too long, and they would STILL make £50,000 profit when they sold the house. I thought – if they can do it, I can do it.


So I took the plunge, sacked my boss, and went self-employed. For 2 years I bought properties, did some refurbishment, but then instead of selling them, I decided to rent them out.

After two years I had a property portfolio of 14 properties. A right little Property Tycoon :-).

Except that my mortgages were costing me £15,000 per month and I was earning about £10,000 a month in rent. Whoops.

Luckily for me, the Credit Crunch came along. Interest rates plummeted. My mortgages were costing only £7,000 per month. Rental income was still £10,000 a month. Phew, some breathing space. But I realised that this wouldn’t last forever, so I needed another source of income. That’s where Kleeneze comes in.


In September 2008 I saw a leaflet headed “Trainee Millionaires Wanted” I had a look at the video, and thought “I can do that”.

And I still am.


I chose Kleeneze for a couple of reasons.

1) I didn’t want to do selling or “sharing this wonderful product with my friends”. With Kleeneze all I do is deliver catalogues and pick them up again.

2) I wanted something where, if I wanted to, or needed to, I could work 18 hours a day and earn big money immediately. You can do that with Kleeneze. Some distributors earn £3,000 per month and more, just delivering catalogues.

3) I wanted to build a BIG residual Income so that I could start paying off my mortgages and live the lifestyle I planned.



I have been running my Kleeneze business since September 2008. For 6 months I did no team building at all. I just delivered my catalogues, built up my customer base, and went to as many meetings as I could.

Since then I have been continuing with my catalogues while increasing my team building efforts. I deliver and collect 100 catalogues a week. It takes me 2 hours on a Friday morning to put them out, 3 hours on a Monday to collect them, and 3 hours on a Thursday to deliver the orders to my customers. Say 8-9 hours a week.


Outside of that my time is my own. I spend that time building my team, supporting them, and enjoying life with my family. At the time of writing I am earning about £1300 a month and growing. Here are a few of my recent cheques.


In 2012 we had a great year – we qualified for the International Kleeneze Conference in Miami, and received a bonus cheque for £1500 – here we are collecting it at the annual conference in Birmingham… nice bit of spending money for Miami!

 We also won the 2012 Distributor Challenge Trophy – for growth in our business.

Here we are collecting it on stage at the National Showcase in January 2013:

chris and sarah smith - distributor challenge trophy winners 2012


If you’d like to find out more about working with me, just go back to the top of this page, and enter your details in the boxes on the right.