Success Stories

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Georgie & Will Goodger – Started Kleeneze to earn some money while studying at College.

Dave and Louise Wilson – Building their business around 9-month old twins.

Sue Marshall and Bob Dalton – now earning over £6000 a month, and semi-retired

Chris and Sarah – collecting a bonus cheque at our annual conference

Georgie and Will Goodger

I joined Kleeneze in January 2008 at the age of 18. I was a full time student at college doing business studies and worked Kleeneze on a part time basis whilst studying…


Will at the time was a plumber for a local company, went on to join the army and after deciding that wasn’t for him, set up his own plumbing company which is what he currently does alongside supporting me with my Kleeneze business…


I already knew a lot about Kleeneze having been around it since about the age of 11 when my mum started doing it and therefore also knew firsthand the benefits that the high incomes from Kleeneze could provide…


It was my mum and her partner (Sue Marshall & Bob Dalton) that suggested I do Kleeneze as they knew better than anyone else what it could offer me… I was not initially very keen however as distributing catalogues didn’t seem all that exciting to me… But I decided to give it a go and haven’t looked back since…


It fitted amazingly well around my college course as I was able to work my business into any spare time I had… This was a massive bonus for me as I wouldn’t have been able to find any other job which enabled me to work different hours/days every week in order to be able to get to all my classes and get all my assignments done… Also it enabled to me earn good money whilst only working part time… When I started Kleeneze I found that I actually really enjoyed doing the catalogues as well as it was good exercise and great for meeting lots of new people…


I qualified as a Gold distributor whilst still at college… After passing my course with a Distinction and gaining several other qualifications I left college and decided to go full time in Kleeneze as I had seen the potential of what the business could offer and knew that it was what I wanted to do…


I have been doing Kleeneze for just under four years now and qualified as a Senior distributor last period (p11, 2011)… I have a growing team of super stars who are all working really hard on their own businesses as well and I am looking forward to growing my business even more in coming months…


Our highest cheque for a four week period…

Dave and Louise Wilson

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We are Dave and Louise Wilson,


Louise prior to joining Kleeneze worked at Yeovil Hospital part time as a cleaner before leaving to have our twin girls Izabelle and Jazmin.


I used to work abroad as a personal bodyguard before returning home and taking a job at Robert Wiseman’s Dairies


On the 1st September 2011 Louise joined Kleeneze, we were struggling financially with new born twin girls and basically joined Kleeneze to get some extra money (£50 a week)


Louise signed up on the break free package and received her 5 free catalogues. After presenting them to friends and family she had achieved her first target £150 of orders inside the first 3 weeks.


Shortly after, we received the first free box of 25 catalogues. These were quickly packed up and despatched out up and down our road. From the 30 books we put out we got no orders!


Louise packed them all up again and put them out at the next 30 houses.


Unfortunately after putting them out Louise received news that her Nan had passed away. The funeral arrangements were made and it was for the day after Louise had put her books out for collection. Due to some error the date got changed and it ended up the day that the books needed collecting in.


Louise was leaving at 6am to go to Wales and I was left with the twins and the books to collect in.


Off we went with the pram collecting in books, we found our first order in the second book and from that point on we have not stopped delivering and collecting books every other day.



The first full period we completed we hit the Rapid Start Bonus 5 times and reached 13% bonus level, for hitting the bonus 5 times we received 125 free books from Kleeneze. ( Thank you )



Our first cheque from Kleeneze was £481.81


3 months after getting our first cheque we decided to go into Kleeneze full time, I left my full time job and we decided to go for it! Risky, Yes but you don’t succeed in life by waiting.



Louise packs the catalogues up and has her own round I cover all the other rounds we have built up. We also introduce people into the business to do what we do. Kleeneze works and is so easy to do around the family life. No other job could possible give us the flexibility of having 5 children and being able to spend quality time with them and earning more from part time hours than we received when working full time.


We now have the foundations of a very successful business and we have now become Gold Distributors in the Kleeneze Business.


From earning £481.81 in Oct 2011 our cheque for May 2012 was over £2000. Where else can you multiply your pay cheque by 4 inside 6 months?


The Kleeneze opportunity gives us the flexibility to work the hours we want to and to spend quality time with the family when we want to.


Anyone can join the Kleeneze team and work the hours they want to, be it as a second job or a part time job or work full time in the Kleeneze Business .


Kleeneze has certainly changed our lives for the better and given us a completely New Life Style.

Dave and Louise Wilson

Sue Marshall and Bob Dalton

Our Story

Bob started his Kleeneze Business in October 1995, after a 3 year period of being out of work due to a degenerating spine following many years of driving 1,000’s of miles as an executive chauffer…

Sue started Kleeneze in April 1999, as a single mum with 2 girls holding down 3 other part time jobs… Sue wanted a job that was flexible and allowed her to be at home for the girls… whilst giving them a good lifestyle…

Here are their first Kleeneze 4 wkly pay cheques:

In just over 4 years Sue built her Kleeneze Business to the Silver Executive Level (3 front line Gold Distributorships) and was earning just under £3,000 every 4 weeks… working part time…

In 2003 they joined their Kleeneze businesses together and have been working the business together ever since…
They now have a large business with a team of Independent Distributors across the UK, Ireland, The Netherlands and Germany. In 2011 they earned over £93,000… with many of their team earning substantial incomes.
Sue’s youngest daughter Georgie and her husband Will also started their own Kleeneze Business in 2008 and they are Senior Distributors currently earning £1,500 – £1,700 every 4 weeks…

“We had no idea that this business would grow as it has; it really has been an incredible journey. We have had the most terrific holidays Abroad and have had the time and income to do as we please. Along the way we have worked with and helped some wonderful people to build their businesses. We have made many friends through our business and social events within the Kleeneze programme.

Kleeneze has given us the opportunity to now have the lifestyle that we choose… Due to Bobs deteriorating health we no longer holiday abroad and we both thought we would really miss our abroad holidays. However we bought a Caravan in 2008 and now after buying our 4th caravan we choose to travel the UK for up to 2 weeks every month in our 25ft luxurious Caravan, fully kitted out with every home comfort imaginable including a functional office which means we can still build our Business and support our team wherever we are… whilst enjoying the various locations we visit… thus having a semi-retirement…”


Chris and Sarah Smith

This is us collecting a bonus cheque… you can read our full story: Click Here