My Business

Kleeneze is my business of choice.


Kleeneze is a simple way to earn money. It is a home shopping business, with a Network Marketing structure. What does that mean? You can find out more on my Kleeneze Information Site.

Kleeneze works for us. Here we are receiving the Distributor Challenge Trophy 2012 from Michael Khatkar, Head of Network Development, and Jamie Stewart, Managing Director.

chris and sarah smith - distributor challenge trophy winners 2012

It is a fantastic opportunity which has rewarded us with trips to Miami, in 2012, and Dubai in 2013.

We can choose our own hours, so we are always around for the kids, and we don’t have to ask for time off if we want a holiday.

However, Kleeneze doesn’t suit everyone. There are Pros and Cons


I like Kleeneze simply because I enjoy being my own boss.

I can choose my own hours.

If I want a pay rise, I can simply put out more Kleeneze catalogues, or recruit some more people.

If I want a month off, I can. I don’t need to ask a boss. I just go. I like that.



There is a high drop out rate, because a lot of people join Kleeneze thinking it is an easy way to make money. It is not easy, but it is simple.



If you are a hard-worker, there is a lot of money to be made in Kleeneze, and a lot of rewards.


If you want to know a bit more about Kleeneze – have a look at the pages around here, or visit my Kleeneze Information Website.