Being Happy by Andrew Matthews

Being Happy by Andrew Matthews

Chapter one – Patterns

We all follow patterns.
The “I am always catching a cold” pattern.
The “I never have any money” pattern…
Patterns start when we are young, and are influenced hugely by our parents. Kind thoughtful parents tend to have kind thoughtful children. Angry shouting parents tend to have angry shouting children.
However the patterns are not set in stone. You can change.
Your self-image, how you see yourself, is self-fulfilling. You think you are bad at maths, so there is no point in working on it, so you don’t work on it, so you never get good at maths.
Deciding that you will work on your self-image is a huge step towards personal development.

Chapter two – Living in the now.

All you have is now.
Regardless of what happened in the past, or what might happen in the future NOW is where you are.
So the key to happiness lies in focusing on the present.

Chapter three – Your Mind

Think about, and focus on, what you want. Not what you don’t want. Your mind gravitates to what you think about.

Chapter four – Goals

The most important part of a goal is not the destination, it is the journey.
You will make mistakes on this journey. Mistakes are the best way to learn.
You will have to correct your actions to get back on track.
The journey to your goal is not a straight line.
“Here’s how to get whatever you want… Do whatever it takes. “

Chapter five – Learning from nature

Keep moving, both physically and mentally.
If you stop exercising, you get stiff muscles and aching backs.
If you stop learning and pushing yourself to new goals, your brain slows down.”
Use it or lose it.“ is true for your muscles and your brain.

Chapter six – Today is important

What you do today affects tomorrow and the next day. You will not get it back, so enjoy it. Be Happy.